Since being founded in 1955, SOHGO HOUSING has been a pioneer in complex housing through its “Dai-ichi Mansions” series of luxury rental condominiums while accumulating experience and expertise in residential development.
Today, by leveraging that experience, in addition to operating a condominium operating business as represented by our in-house brand called the “FRENCIA” series, we develop our business in multiple directions as the Dai-ichi Life Group’s “comprehensive real estate firm.” Those directions include the following operations: “development management,” “condominium sales business,” “office properties operating,” “development and sales of properties business,” “brokerage” and “private REIT business.” Through those operations, SOHGO HOUSING works towards providing value to a greater number of customers and resolving social challenges.

In fiscal 2023, which marks the first year of our medium-term management plan, in addition to achieving positive financial results that greatly surpassed initial plans in each of our businesses based on condominium and office rental and management revenues, SOHGO HOUSING completed the construction of four properties that included “FRENCIA Aobadai,” the Dai-ichi Life Group’s first wooden hybrid construction residence. Moreover, we promoted ESG initiatives such as the conversion of energy at properties in our portfolio to sustainable energy and the acquisition of environmental certifications. This enabled us to get fiscal 2023 off to a start worthy of the first year of our medium-term management plan.
We have positioned fiscal 2024 as “a year in which we will refine the strengths and competitiveness of SOHGO HOUSING and head towards a further stage of growth.” During this year, all of us at SOHGO HOUSING will work towards enhancing our existing businesses, exploring new domains our business operation and providing the kind of high-quality products and services that not only our tenant customers but also all our other stakeholders will find satisfactory.

Through “aiming for a company, having a good taste in business,” as a member of the Dai-ichi Life Group,
We, “SOHGO HOUSING” will try hard to acquire trust from all our stakeholders.

April 1, 2024

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