Message from President

We will continue striving to be a company that is chosen by our customers, one that we as its employees can be proud of.

Sohgo Housing was established in 1955 with the intent of being the first private entity in Japan to commercialize the supply of housing.

As a pioneer in housing complexes, we produced the “DAI-ICHI MANSIONS” series of luxury lease condominiums while focusing primarily on high-end residential areas in Tokyo. Leveraging the experience and expertise that we have accumulated over the years, we are now engaged in the multifaceted development of our businesses, which include building leasing, development/rebuilding, sales in lots and brokering in addition to condominium leasing.

Recently, Sohgo Housing formulated a seven-year medium-term management plan leading up to fiscal 2025, the year in which we mark the 70th anniversary of our founding. Within that plan, dubbed “Action 2025: Striving to be a company that is chosen and one we can be proud of,” we have positioned the three-year period between fiscal 2019 and fiscal 2021 as Phase I of that plan, and all of us across our organization are collectively working towards the simultaneous realization of the preservation and enhancement of our quality and financial constitution and sustained growth both within and outside our organization while continuing to develop human resources and improve productivity.

At Sohgo Housing, our management philosophy is:

  • To supply a better living environment and gain the trust of society.
  • To endeavor towards improving customer satisfaction through the provision of high-quality products and services.
  • To have both our employees and the company grow through the creation of a highly-vibrant workplace.

Going forward, we will continue striving to realize this philosophy while accommodating the changing times and the needs of our customers.

Takehide Itonaga